Community Cause

Stronger Together For Equal Opportunities

According to The Postsecondary National Policy Institute, while black students have made enrollment gains in higher education over the past two decades, there has been less progress in closing the degree attainment gap.

A Garden Of Abilities!

26% of grown-ups in the United States have some disability. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 adults has a special need. Going through life with a disability doesn’t mean that the day-to-day can’t be fun. People with special needs might need a little help going through their regular day, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be entertaining, fun, and productive! We want to help people see this!

Offering a Helping Hand: Reducing Homelessness in Las Vegas

Could you imagine coming home to your family knowing you were about to be evicted the next day? Or knowing you were losing the fight to an addiction that threatens any possibility of a future? Many face these harsh realities every day, and most are the result of generational effects of trauma.

Empowering the Youth In Our Society!

Our agency is on a mission to help nurture the potential of every child and teen right here in our community. For the next 90 days, we are proud to be directing all donations raised through our Rewards Program to the Quiet Storm Foundation.

Branch Benefits Consultants Joins the Agents Of Change Movement

The Branch Benefits Consultants is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. We are committed to being Agents of Change.