Gabriela Duran

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 220


I grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco, MX. I have had customer service experience since Freshman year. I have worked for different organizations such as Hermandad Mexicana, Mi Familia Vota, Sunrise Library and calls centers before joining the Insurance Industry.

I am able to provide quotes for clients, payments, DMV issues, Carrier issues, SR-22 questions etc. What excites me the most about insurance is that I am able to help clients with issues regarding payments, carrier increase and DMV fines. Having a professional agent go over the coverages and make some relationships with the clients makes it easier to provide the help they need.

I personally enjoy my work overall from teammates, to clients, work and all. Insurance is part of my life now. Everywhere I go, I can’t stop thinking if supermarkets are well insured, vehicles, motorcycles, even patrons walking in the street. Insurance is Life!!!

During the weekends, I spend time at my parents house or do outdoor activities with my husband! I am a fast learner. In my free time, I enjoy watching YouTube cooking videos and learning new recipes and also I love music 100%!