Mary Long

Phone: (314) 930-3552


I grew up in Atchison, KS, home of Amelia Earhart. But my adult years have been spent in the Kansas City area. I have a BA in Psychology. Most of my career was in the Human Resource area with a variety of focuses. I transitioned to employee benefits in 2021. I love serving others with a focus to inform and empower the clients to make the best decisions for their stay in the benefits area. It’s fun to build relationships and learn about other industries.

I am a Christ follower and love studying and applying the word. I adore my family and spending time with them doing whatever we can together! I love studying human behavior and attempting to understand motivations and experiences that have impacted those I meet. My weekends seem to fly by, and I love time with those I love, exercising, and taking care of my home. I am passionate about justice and helping those most vulnerable in ways that help to empower them in getting to a place where they can care for themselves.