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At Branch Benefits Consultants, our goal is to provide you with fair policies, reliable advice, and a sense of security that will help your family live well and thrive!

Meet the Team


Quincy L. Branch

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 204

Email: Qbranch@bbc-ins.com

Quincy was born in Long Beach, CA but grew up in New Orleans, LA. He has his BS in Business Administration from UNLV.

He also participated in the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Entrepreneurship program at Babson College.

Quincy has been in the insurance industry since 2002 when he started working as a file clerk in his father’s agency. Since then he has served on various boards and has been recognized numerous times as a leader in the insurance industry. Quincy loves meeting with businesses and teaching them how insurance is more than just a line item expense but more so a business resource and assets protection.

Outside of work, Quincy loves spending time with his family. He loves basketball and cooking (mainly BBQ). Quincy is also very passionate about helping the youth. Any organization or cause that helps empower the next generation he willingly participates in.









O’Shea Utley

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 218

Email: Outley@bbc-ins.com

O’Shea is a Midwest native who migrated to the valley over 15 years ago. He has established a background in technology and organizational leadership. He is passionate about employing technology to enable businesses to become more operationally efficient and effective while preserving the affinity for quality customer interactions.











Brian Harge

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 214

Email: Bharge@tbc-ins.com

I grew up in Buffalo, NY! I love to learn and be in an environment with others who will challenge the status quo. The organization culture is most exciting and I contribute by listening and supporting growth. I have experience as it relates to mergers & acquisitions. I also have an understanding of the financial and accounting needs of the insurance industry.

If I’m not working, I’m usually taking the family to brunch or BBQ on the weekends! I also love to cook and run. In addition to that; I am passionate about helping those communities where resources are needed. I enjoy doing community service work in underserved communities.

Tamika Branch

Phone: (702) 646-2082

Email: Tbranch@bbc-ins.com

I am a Las Vegas native that loves the warmth nine months out of the year! I’ve been on the clerical side of the insurance industry for the last four years. I’m dedicated and passionate about providing each and every one of my customers with the highest level of service and protection and I strive to exceed their expectations.

Aside from work, I enjoy genuine connections, fun experiences and making great memories with my family and friends. In my free time, I love crafting and planning fun events. Most weekends are spent hanging out with my husband, kids and extended family!

Stephanie Bass

Phone: (702) 646-2082

Email: Sbass@bbc-ins.com

I grew up in Las Vegas, NV. I am grateful to be providing service to my own community because; I enjoy helping others. When an opportunity of help presents itself, I’m always willing to help, and assist with someone else obtaining their goal. My experience comes from the clerical side of things. I’ve worked in an administrative role for the past 11 years.

Outside of work, any spare time spent with family is always the best! I love to shop, for shoes in particular. Retail therapy is just that, therapy! If the weather is nice, you can find me at an outdoor mall and if not, I’m home watching movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

When possible, I like to support non-profit organizations by participating in 1-3 mile walks.

Commercial Lines

Jasmine Traylor-Bell

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 221

Email: Jtraylorbell@bbc-ins.com

Monroe, Louisiana is the city I call home; commonly known by few, but beloved by most locals! Spending my youthful years in Monroe taught me to appreciate close knit communities and value relationships.

I like to believe I didn’t choose insurance, it chose me. On career day in 2nd grade, I didn’t come dressed as an insurance agent, but as life ran its course, I found myself drawn to law and policy; specific to insurance. Evolution is inevitable and the world of insurance is a perfect example, which is why I love this industry.

Amongst many other things, I am very passionate about self-care. After a grueling week of parenting and working, getting a facial or spa day is right where I want to be. Most, actually no one, knows about my amazing singing abilities, because they don’t exist! I definitely wasn’t born to be a professional singer, but trips in the car or shower time wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t vocalize some tunes!

Staying in and relaxing is so overrated. If the sun is shining and the weekend is upon me, that means scenic drives, frozen yogurt runs, and playground fun is on the horizon.





Debra Diset

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 226

I grew up in Delaware and went to college at the University of Delaware and then Princeton University for graduate school. I really miss East Coast bagels… but I do not miss those East Coast winters.

I started in insurance as a summer intern at Princeton Insurance Company. I worked my way up to Senior Underwriter before a Job transfer brought me west to the wholesale side of the business. What excites me most about my work is that I love being able to connect with small business owners and helping them protect their investments and grow. It makes my day when I can help someone solve a problem.

Music has always been a passion. I earned money in college taking photos of live bands. Here in Las Vegas, there are so many opportunities to see great performers! In fact, exploring the unique places of Las Vegas and Nevada has become our new weekend pastime. There are some amazing places just down the road!

In my free time, I am also a photographer. These days, my photos are mostly of my dog and family, but not so long ago, my husband was a professional wedding photographer. We would sometimes shoot three weddings a weekend!

One passion project of mine is helping out at Henderson Animal Shelter. Before we moved to Nevada, we volunteered with the Autism Society of Orange County and the Autism Kids Foundation.

Loyce Baxter

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 210

Email: Lbaxter@bbc-ins.com

I grew up all over the world! I was born in Reno, NV, and lived in Japan, Northern California, Germany, and Las Vegas, NV. I started my commercial insurance career in 1991. I started as a receptionist for a national agency in San Diego, CA, and continued to learn and grow throughout my career. I enjoy learning about the different types of businesses and coverages for my clients!

In my spare time; you can find me enjoying a meal out at a nice restaurant or visiting my parents. Aside from that, I love to bargain shop and play with my fur baby Classy!



Armoni Ross

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, after high school, I spent time living in Virginia, Texas, and Atlanta, and I am now making a full circle come back to where home is.

I began my insurance journey in high school, where I worked at the family insurance business as an administrative assistant. After I graduated from high school, though, I went straight to Hampton University to pursue communications. Once graduating, I realized I could use the tools I learned in college for not just communications but any career field- this is how insurance came back into my life. My first job out of college was at Arthur J. Gallagher, where I was an Achieve Graduate, earned my CLCS designation, and gained a ton of knowledge going through the Hartford School of Insurance.

What makes me most passionate about working in insurance is that this industry is not a typical job choice for minorities, and the excitement I get from presenting this opportunity to people who may not be aware of this career path drives me forward.

Outside of work, I really enjoy painting, drawing, doing creative things, and spending time with my dog. I really love my dog- he’s like my own personal therapist that just listens!

My favorite way to spend the weekends would be with my family and making lifelong memories with those I love.

Rachael Rizzi

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 222

Email:  Rrizzi@bbc-ins.com

I am a true Las Vegas native. I have a BA in Criminal Justice and a BA in Psychology from UNLV. I also have an MBA with an emphasis in Servant Leadership from Grand Canyon University. While enrolled in the MBA program, I got to study under Ken Blanchard directly – I’ve even been to his house several times!

I am second generation. I have literally done every job there is to do. I started as a certificate tech, then became an assistant, progressed to an Account Executive, from there I was a producer. I even owned my own agency for several years before selling to BBC. I have been very involved in a lot of trade associations and written quite a few nationally published articles. I also sit on the NV DOI Agent Advisory Council. I am a natural born problem solver. I love finding solutions to challenges and creating win-win scenarios. I also am a bit of an early adopter so I am always looking for new products, approaches and technology to test out.

I hate being cold and am convinced that I am secretly a lizard on the inside. You can find me most weekends romping through the desert or cooling off in a swimming pool with my family and friends. I am sort of a human jukebox – I know a ridiculous amount of lyrics to songs in just about every genre. I am also great at pop culture trivia and love to scrapbook all of my adventures. From hiking to exploring ghost towns to pedal biking on a railroad. My most absolute favorite thing in the world to do though is go to Vegas Golden Knights games. Go Knights GO!

I have volunteered and served on many boards throughout the years, but my favorite cause to support is women empowerment. We still have a very long way to go in terms of gender equality and equity. For that reason the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada will always hold a special place in my heart.





Employee Benefits

Tara Jacquet

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 212

Email: Tjacquet@bbc-ins.com

I grew up in Southern California and graduated with my Associate of Arts Degree in 1992. I have worked in the insurance industry since 1997. I was the President of the Clark County Association of Health Underwriters in 2018 – 2019. I am currently the Secretary of the Nevada State Association of Health Underwriters.

I love educating clients. Helping them understand the importance of insurance and making a true difference in the lives of our clients and their family is rewarding. In my own time, you can find me reading, volunteering, and doing what I can to help shape children’s future for success. I love to spend quiet time at home reading or just taking a drive with my husband.

I currently sit on the Las Vegas Chapter Board of Les Gemmes, Inc. An organization dedicated to assisting young ladies ages 11 – 20 to prepare for higher education and future success!






Elena Diaz

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 207

Email: Ediaz@bbc-ins.com

I grew up in beautiful Southern California, Laguna Beach. My education background is in Business Management and Psychology. I began my Insurance career in Las Vegas, Nevada and acquired my Health and Life license in 2003. What excites me most about my career is meeting so many people and helping them to find the best solutions for their insurance needs.

My favorite way to spend my weekends is surrounded by my family and friends enjoying one another’s company. I enjoy meeting new people, retaining long lasting friendships and making memories, while sharing laughs!

I volunteer and support several non-profits. I am very passionate about helping and empowering others to reach their maximum potential.






Jocelyn Johnson

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 215

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I am a proud graduate of Spelman College, an HBCU.

I have over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. My experience includes working with fully insured and self-funded groups. I enjoy educating employers and employees about simple, affordable healthcare.

I also enjoy creating memories with my family and friends, scrapbooking, and exploring Las Vegas!

Additionally, I enjoy volunteering at blood drives around the Las Vegas area.

Taylor Holmes

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 203

Email: Tholmes@bbc-ins.com

I was born and raised right here in Las Vegas. I started out in the Life and Health field, and then I moved over to the Commercial field. Now, I have been in Personal Lines for almost 6 years now and I absolutely love it!

What excites me most about my work is being able to help families make sure they are insured correctly, so in case of a loss we know they are fully covered! I also enjoy getting to know our clients.

I really enjoy spending time with my family. We love going out and having fun adventures on the weekends. However, when we get the chance, we enjoy binge watching some Netflix! I grew up playing soccer and still enjoy it to this day. I would like to get back into playing again and even coaching!



Craig Scurato

Phone: (813) 981-2992

Email:  cscurato@lesliesaunders.com

I grew up in Gainesville (Go Gators!) and Tampa, Florida for the first 18 years of my life.  Went to Emory and lived in Atlanta for about 10 years and have lived in the Kansas City area for 25 years. I started at UNUM as a sales rep and worked for a half dozen leading group benefits companies like Standard, Delta Dental, and CIGNA.  I spent the last 14 years at Leslie Saunders serving airport-based businesses. I love working with small and medium-sized businesses where they don’t have all the benefits, compliance, and administrative resources of large organizations because we can impact the lives of the employees and the business owner’s bottom line.

Personally, I am interested in almost everything but not really a specialist in anything.  I mostly love to learn about the people I meet. I am a very good home cook – totally improv with whatever we have on hand. When not working, I am probably hanging out with my family.

Personal Lines

Mirozlava Reyes

Phone: (702) 635-9858 x 225

Email: mreyes@bbc-ins.com

I grew up between Mexico (Chihuahua) and United States (Las Vegas). At the age of 3, I left the US to be cared for by my maternal grandmother, and at the age of 14, I came back to finish my secondary and high school. I go back home every year when possible. I started my career in the Insurance industry in 1992 as a file clerk and moved up quickly to Sales and Underwriting. I love to help find all those extra savings and discounts but mostly the importance of how insurance is needed and having the proper coverage.

Personally, I really enjoy the outdoors and every so often I drive out to CA to enjoy the beach. My guilty pleasure is in my kitchen. I love to cook and try new recipes to enjoy. I’m definitely not a picky eater. I spend my weekend in my garden, riding my bike or possibly on my paddleboard depending on the weather.  I’m very active and can’t stay still.

Gabriela Duran

Phone: (702) 646-2082 x 220

Email: Gduran@bbc-ins.com

I grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco, MX. I have had customer service experience since Freshman year. I have worked for different organizations such as Hermandad Mexicana, Mi Familia Vota, Sunrise Library and calls centers before joining the Insurance Industry.

I am able to provide quotes for clients, payments, DMV issues, Carrier issues, SR-22 questions etc. What excites me the most about insurance is that I am able to help clients with issues regarding payments, carrier increase and DMV fines. Having a professional agent go over the coverages and make some relationships with the clients makes it easier to provide the help they need.

I personally enjoy my work overall from teammates, to clients, work and all. Insurance is part of my life now. Everywhere I go, I can’t stop thinking if supermarkets are well insured, vehicles, motorcycles, even patrons walking in the street. Insurance is Life!!!

During the weekends, I spend time at my parents house or do outdoor activities with my husband! I am a fast learner. In my free time, I enjoy watching YouTube cooking videos and learning new recipes and also I love music 100%!



Mayra Sierra

Phone: (702) 646-2082

Email: msierra@bbc-ins.com

I grew up in Las Vegas, Graduated from Las Vegas HS. I have been in the insurance industry since I was about 15. I started with filing and answering the phone, to now being a  Licensed Agent. I love being able to help my customers not just by saving money but also by helping them understand their coverages and what they need. The best compliment is always a referral.

I enjoy spending time with my kids. It’s literally all I talk about – they are my pride and joy. When I am not at work, you can find me trying a new restaurant with my husband and kids. We are total foodies. We love to be out trying new things and new foods.